This server is run by Phillip ZL2TZE and passes only verified amateur callsign posits - unverified (qAX or TCPXX) posits are not passed (including CWOP).
If you are a amateur operator, simply make sure you have a validation number for your callsign in your software…
If you do not have a validation number, contact the program's developer to obtain one. You can also contact me
ua.moc.oohay|ezt2lz#ua.moc.oohay|ezt2lz. I require your callsign, Licence Number, Name / address this will be verified
by either QRZ.com or your countries callbook

Status Page

Server ports for APRS clients to use
http://aprsnz.aprs2.net:14578 ZL Only Filtered
http://aprsnz.aprs2.net:14579 ZL/VK Filtered
http://aprsnz.aprs2.net:14580 User configurable Port
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