KiwiSAT is a project of AmSat-ZL.

From the KiwiSAT home page:

A Satellite Project by AMSAT-ZL

Under the leadership of Fred Kennedy (ZL1BYP), a team of New Zealand Radio Amateurs are constructing KiwiSAT, a true New Zealand designed and built orbiting satellite.

Project Overview

This project is not just about building a satellite, it involves the whole development of a space laboratory complex with assistance from Massey University in Auckland. A growing number of volunteers are "stepping up to the plate" to help Fred who is never too busy to talk to those who wish to become involved.


KiwiSAT will carry both amateur radio communications, and a scientific experiment in Small Satellite Attitude Control.

Earlier design used the low efficiency solar cells, an enlarged unit takes advantage of the newer cells high efficiency units.

KiwiSAT is an orbiting satellite project by radio amateurs under a strict "not-for-profit" regime and should not be confused with KiwiSat, a commercial ground based animal tracking transmitter. As prime owners of the name KiwiSAT, AMSAT-ZL permit its use in the lower case format (KiwiSat 101) by SIRTRACK for their earth based animal tracking transmitter unit.

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