ZLDXC ZL Dx and Contesting ZLDXC

  • With the closing of the KiwiDX group 02/08/09 a new group has been born : ZLDXC
  • ZLDXC will pick up where the KiwiiDX group left off and the aim is to provide a stable list that can be passed on to others .
  • The ZLDXC Net is held every Tuesday on 3777 kHz + or - QRM at 0800 UTC (8.00 p.m. NZST)
  • The Net is open to all who wish to discuss all things to do with working DX, contesting, Dxpeditions and stations worked as well as a general chit-chat.
  • The KiwiDX Group Net was started on November 30th 2006 and to date (October 16th 2008) there has been a total of 89 different Amateur Radio operators check in to the net from ZL to VK & USA.
  • The last KiwiDX net was held on Friday 31/07/09 and the group was removed from yahoo groups by the owner and a new group was born.
  • For more information about the ZLDXC Net see the yahoo group below or contact the net master Allan Chandler ZL2SKY via Email at: zn.gro.ok2lz|yks2lz#zn.gro.ok2lz|yks2lz or Phillip Conza ZL2TZE, ua.moc.oohay|ezt2lz#ua.moc.oohay|ezt2lz
  • 73 & Happy DX'ing.

Mailing Lists

  • ZLDXC Yahoogroup. To subscribe, either visit the Yahoogroup, or moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbus-cxdlz#liame knalb a dnes.
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