New Zealand

Auckland - Auckland VHF Group Branch 66 NZART

The Auckland VHF Group has two D-Star Repeaters.

  • ZL1VHD Auckland 438.175 MHz (-5.000 MHz) Module B
  • ZL1VHD Auckland 145.650 MHz (-0.600 MHz) Module C

ZL1VHD DPLUS Dashboard

Auckland - Musick Point Radio Group Branch 86 NZART

Musick Point Radio Group has three D-Star Repeaters.

  • ZL1ZLD Auckland 1293.625 MHz (-20.000 MHz) Module A
  • ZL1ZLD Auckland 439.575 MHz (-5.000 MHz) Module B
  • ZL1ZLD Auckland 1294.625 MHz Module D

ZL1ZLD DPLUS Dashboard


  • Papamoa 433.025 (+5.000 MHz) Module B
  • Now (2/9/2015) running with DVRPTR board and 3G HP PC
  • Access with RPT1 ZL1TPD[space]B
  • and RPT2 ZL1TPD[space]G
  • Minden 146.800 (-0.6 MHz) Module C
  • Access with RPT1 ZL1TPD[space]C
  • and RPT2 ZL1TPD[space]G

Wairarapa - Masterton Branch 46 NZART

Closed down in April 2011 and transferred all equipment to Upper Hutt

Wellington - Upper Hutt Branch 63 NZART

Upper Hutt Branch 63 NZART running VHF and UHF D-Star Repeaters.

  • ZL2VH Upper Hutt, Wellington 438.600 MHz (-5.000 MHz) Module B
  • ZL2VH Upper Hutt, Wellington 145.525 MHz (-0.600 MHz) Module C

Both repeaters linked to the internet via a Gateway PC on December 2011.

ZL2VH DPLUS Dashboard

ZL2VH XRF63 Reflector Dashboard

Kapiti - Kapiti Amateur Radio Society (Inc) Branch 69 NZART

  • ZL2KB Mount Field, Paraparaumu 145.350 MHz (-0.600 MHz) Module C

Nelson - Nelson Amateur Radio Club Branch 26 NZART

  • Nelson has decided not to proceed with a D-STAR repeater at this time (November 2014).


  • ZL3TJH Cashmere Hills, Christchurch 144.550 MHz (Simplex) Gateway only


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