The Network

Display map of APRS digipeaters

North Island

  • ZL1AC-1 is a DIGI_NED digi in New Lynn, Auckland, on 144.575MHz.
  • ZL1BQE is a home fill-in digi supporting RELAY and TRACE in Papatoetoe East, Auckland, on 144.575MHz.
  • ZL1IB-1 is a RELAY and WIDE1-1 digi in Te Puke, near Tauranga, on 144.575MHz.
  • ZL2KO-1 is a hilltop UIDIGI digi overlooking Palmerston North on 144.575MHz.
  • ZL2MAX-1 is a home fill-in digi at Ashhurst, near Palmerston North, on 144.575MHz.

South Island

  • DUD is a Netrom digi at Dunedin on 144.650MHz.
  • HORBLE is a UIDIGI based digi on Mt Horrible near Timaru. Frequency is 144.575MHz. New paradigm.
  • MARLEY-1 is a KPC3+ based digi on Marley's Hill overlooking Christchurch city covering from Waipara to almost Ashburton. Frequency is 144.575MHz but will be moving to 144.650MHz. New paradigm, up to WIDE3-3 supported.
  • MSD is a Netrom digi on Mount Studholm near Timaru on 144.650MHz.
  • ZL2ARG-1 is a KPC3 digi on Takaka Hill near Nelson on 144.650MHz.
  • ZL2KS-15 is a UIDIGI digi on Jamies Knob, near Blenheim, on 144.650MHz.
  • ZL2MUR-1 is a UIDIGI digi on Mount Murchison, Murchison on 144.650MHz.
  • ZL2SUN-1 is a UIDIGI digi on Fringed Hill overlooking Nelson on 144.650MHz.
  • ZL3AI is a part-time DIGI_NED home fill-in digi at Waipara, 60km north of Christchurch, on 144.575MHz currently but will change to 144.650 when MARLEY-1 does.
  • ZL3AQ is a home fill-in digi in Ashburton 144.575MHz.
  • ZL3GA-1 is a home fill-in digi in Kaiapoi on 144.575MHz.
  • ZL3ND is a home fill-in digi in the upper Rakaia, Canterbury, region on 144.575MHz.

Hardware and Software

  • DIGI_NED software
  • Kantronics TNCs
  • UIDIGI ROMs for TNC2-compatible TNCs
  • UI-View software
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