Anderson PowerPole connectors may be obtained from Powerwerx in the USA along with crimp tools and accessories, and their website has excellent assembly instructions. Steve KB1DIG and Kim KB1GTR have written a very interesting webpage about PowerPoles in practical ham radio applications.

Their current rating is 15, 30 or 45 amps depending on which crimp terminals are used. The housing and the terminal contact areas are the same, only the wire crimp area changes to suit the wire size used. Thus all connectors are compatible, and as PowerPoles are quite compact this means that they are ideal for low power devices drawing a few milliamps up to higher powered ones drawing up to 45 amps.


Their current rating is 10 amps.



For serious work, use captive centre pin, sleeve clamp products. The captive centre pin ensures that the pin cannot be positioned incorrectly during assembly and will not be pulled out of position if the coax is pulled, and the sleeve clamp prevents the coax from moving or twisting.


Not weatherproof, not 50 ohms, only rated to 200 MHz.

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