APRS Messaging

Messaging with APRS

APRS messaging is becoming more popular as more bi-direction trackers become available eg TT4, Tracker 2, Hamhud, Some new cell phones, PDA's, laptops and note books.

We have the Kenwood D7 series of radio's with messaging and also some Icom VX series .

For messaging to work correctly the originators message must go via a bi-directional digi and Igate, with out this the message will not get a reply . The return path for the message is stored and if it was via an RX only Digi or Igate it will be sent back to these and will time out and be killed.

This will then cause users to complain that the APRS message system is broken when it is not its the RX only input that is the cause.

Please remember that APRS messaging does not have the capabilities to send 200 characters at a time so keep the message line length to about 70 characters.

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